I taught English grade 8-12 for 14 years.  For the past 3 years I have been teaching library science skills, reading groups, and computer skills.  I have become such an avid reader; if a book looks interesting, I will read it.  What shocks me most about my reading lately is my genre selection.  I NEVER thought I would have been a Twilight fan, and I certainly never imagined myself to pick up The Hunger Games.  However, since reading both of these, and devouring them in a matter of days, my reading tastes have come to surprise me.

Lately, I have become a trilogy lover, not sure why.  And, most of my choices are apocalyptic choices.  This is strange for me, but nonetheless, I am always with a book.  After reading The Hunger Games, many of my students told me they would never find another set of books to enjoy.  So, I had to set out to help them. I picked up Matched by Allie Condie and have also read Crossed.  I do have Reached, but I have not yet started that one.  I do tend to find that with the trilogies, I LOVE the first book, and then tend to struggle through the second two.  I’m not sure why I feel this way, but I even felt this way with The Hunger Games.  I also picked up Pandemonium.  I have book 2 but have not yet started it.  The one trilogy I have seemed to like both books one and two is Divergent.  I also read Insurgent and really enjoyed that one as well. I’m not sure when book three is coming, but I hope to enjoy it.

My oldest daughter and I began the 39 Clues series together, and we have read every book, including the very latest.  I pre-order them on Amazon.  Anyway, I loved the 39 Clues, until they added this new Vesper part.  I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the books are written by a group of authors; it is amazing how well connected the books are despite the change in authors.  However, I think I would have been satisfied if the series would have ended with the last 39 Clues book.  But, because my daughter enjoys reading the books together, I stick with them.  Plus, I can read one in 1-2 days if I can find the time.

On an adult level, many of my friends recommended The Discovery of Witches,  a story that tends to remind me of the Twilight Saga.  I read the first book, but I really struggled through it.  I thought maybe if I stuck with it, I would be okay.  It took me 400 pages to enjoy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  However, I never truly found enjoyment with The Discovery of Witches.  I bought the second book when I purchased the first, but I have yet to begin that one.  I will eventually read it since I did put out the money, but I have to admit, I am not really looking forward to it.

I picked up a copy of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy book.  My friends all warned me that it would have a Republican slant, but I wanted to read it anyway.  I am not a political person; personally, I could care less about politics.  None of them ever do what they promise, but that’s enough of that.  That’s about as far as I am willing to go with politics; they all lie,and I don’t care.  So, back to the book.  I really enjoyed the book; it was a quick read and very informative. I did also watch the Kennedy mini-series starring Katie Holmes, and I must admit, the Kennedy family and the theories surrounding JFK’S death fascinate me.  I am going to try to buy O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln; I think that too looks interesting.

I am going to review one more book.  I have read SO many, and since starting this blog, I will try to keep readers posted after I finish books from now on.  The last book I want to mention is Girl Gone.  Often, when I am out of books–doesn’t happen often–but when it does, I turn to People for recommendations.  I found the title Girl Gone in the magazine and decided to purchase it.  The book was definitely interesting, I must say.  The plot twisted and turned in directions I never expected.  So, I would recommend this read.

I throughly enjoy reading, and because of my profession, my reading choices span all levels.  I would love recommendations from other readers.  i would also love to discuss books.  I joined an adult book club but quit because all anyone wanted to do was drink wine and forget about the book!  Sure, drinking wine is great, but if I join a book club, buy a book I would not ordinarily choose on my own, I expect to discuss the book for more than ten minutes of a two-hour session.  So, please, throw me titles and recommendations for all levels.  I would greatly enjoy and appreciate it!  DEIDEI



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