Okay, I know I said I was only going to post once a day, but I am loving my new blog so much, I just cannot help it.  Plus, I love sharing my experiences with others.  So, to the title of my post:  THE NEED TO UNSUBSCRIBE.  I found a site called, great site–TOO great!  Every day, they send you an email featuring brand name items at super low prices.  I think the company finds brands that are willing to offer a certain amount of products at deep discounted prices.  The sales only last for about two days, so you obviously have to buy the items at that very moment.  It would stink if you visited later and the items were gone!  Anyway, my addiction to this site became so bad that the Discover Card company called me to ask me about the charges.  I guess it seems strange when the same site name appears over and over and over again!

I am telling you, though, the deals were just so good.  My youngest daughter is a diva; she loves shoes as much as I do.  I found suede boots, in multi-colors for $14.  That is almost unheard of.  I guess reality should have hit me when I looked into her closet and saw about ten new pairs of boots.  However, that did not stop me.  They offer everything on the site, including my biggest weakness–women’s shoes.  In addition, Zulily includes unique products as well.  For example, everyone seems to be wearing “Mommy” jewelry these days.  Women either have necklaces or bracelets featuring their children’s names inscribed onto silver disks and connected with birthstone gems.  Well, one day a featured item on Zulily included stainless steel key calendars.  On the calendar, your child’s birthstone was placed on the date of his/her birth.  I just loved these pieces, and that has always been my motto:  If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.  Well, I LOVED these, so I bought them.  Here’s one of the huge issues:  If you plug your credit card into the Zulily site, everything you buy is automatically placed on that card.  It is just way TOO easy.  But, when you hear this, you will understand my addiction.  When my necklaces arrived, I visited the actual site.  I think I paid about $40 per key.  On the site, they were over $200.  At first, I thought I was mistaken, but then I just guessed Zulily truly is an amazing place.

And, although it is an incredible site, I had to unsubscribe.  Due to my addictive mind and inability to refuse a good deal, I could not resist the temptation.  I found myself glued to my lap top each morning to see what the new deals were for the day.  I swear I made at LEAST one purchase per day for at least a month.  Some days my purchases were multiple.  It was pretty bad when my husband learned the name Zulily; it is printed on all of the boxes.  And, as you can imagine, plenty of them arrived on my porch almost daily or every couple of days.

I must admit, I do miss the site.  And, I do sneak a peek every now and then.  But, I just had to unsubscribe from the daily emails.  Everything was so great.  It would be wonderful if I were independently wealthy and could afford to buy something or some things new every day; however, I am not.  Has anyone else ever fallen into the trap of every day email notifications?  I would love to share and compare.





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