Today It Begins: Please Help Me To Succeed

Well, it’s a good thing my Christmas shopping is finished, because today is the day my financial reins are tightened.  I am beginning my journey toward credit card freedom.  So, I guarantee that today the DELETE button will be my friend, and I will avoid all my favorite sites at all costs.  As I have said, I have dug my credit hole fairly deep, and it is time for reality to sink in for me.  It is time for me to live within my means.

Because I love fashion, shoes, and simply looking nice when I go somewhere, this is going to be hard for me.  I also have two daughters.  One is a diva who also enjoys the finer styles of fashion.  The other is somewhat plain in her attire; however, even her sweats are Aero and Old Navy, not to mention the cost of Nike sneakers.  So, this journey may take a toll on us all.

But, it is important to me to end the spending cycle and dig my way out.  So, I am going to keep track of my journey on this site in hopes of sticking to the plan.  I joined Weight Watcher’s last year to help me lose weight, and the tracking aided in my loss of 30 pounds.  This is another reason why my goal is going to be so tricky; most of my clothing no longer fits me.  I am going to have to become very creative with my wardrobe, my money, and so many others things in my life.  It’s amazing how much one step changes everything.  Wish me luck!



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