So far, it’s been pretty easy.  But, I haven’t been looking at anything!  I guess that is my key; I cannot go on to any web sites that offer shoes, clothing, jewelry–anything that I enjoy!  I should probably even stay away from magazines.  Many times I will make purchases based on pictures I see in magazines.  They do, of course, list the stores very near all items. 

So, for now, I am good.  I am trying to stay strong.  I think after Christmas I may struggle.  Everything will be so deeply discounted, and that’s when my knees give out.  The special prices drive me insane.  So, maybe I will have to give up my day-after-Christmas shopping tradition!  Now sure yet–that’s when I usually buy my wrapping paper and party favors for my girls’ birthday parties.  Maybe I can establish a budget and still enjoy the day.  We shall see.



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