Oh What A Day Have I Had!

The rat race started right from the beginning.  My 8-year-old goes to school with me every morning; I teach in the building where she attends school.  As we enter the van, she grabs her head with both hands and says, “Oh, no, Mom, I forgot that I needed orange juice for class today.”  Okay, so not that big of a deal, except we have 15 mins. to now stop for O.J. and get to work/school.  School is about 10 minutes away.  So, off to Turkey Hill we go.  We both rush into the store; others around probably wondered what in the world we were doing.  We grab the O.J., wait in line, pay, and then dash to the car.  We arrive at school/work about two minutes late–not that bad.

Then, the fun begins.  I teach media science, computer lab, and reading, so my days are crazy to begin with, but at holiday times–as we all know–everything intensifies.  So, I teach my morning reading classes; all is fine.  Then comes the rest of the day.  My 3rd graders must research animals; 4th grade ecosystems, and 5th grade Revoutionary War Figures.  We just implemented a new computer program for gathering research–super easy for adults, not so much for students.  I’m not quite sure what has happened in society, but our children today cannot and will not think for themselves.  I have 37 minutes to teach research skills and then attempt to have students put them to use.

Needless to say, by the end of the day, I am as frazzled as can be; no anxiety meds in the world could calm me.  I had a tough enough time teaching research to my 9th graders when I taught high school.  Now, with state standardized tests, we have had to move such skills into the primary grades.  I remember when library was fun–during my own childhood library days.  We went to the library, gathered on a circular rug, listened to the librarian read us a story, and then checked out our own books.  Now, in 37 minutes, I am expected to teach lessons of all sorts and have students check out books.  Most of my classes consist of at least 24 students.  So, every day for me is just hectic.  Twenty-four students all need me at exactly the same time. I love the kids, but after a day like this, I am finished.

Anyway, on my way home from work, my daughter discovers she has forgotten a piece she needs for her homework.  Back to school/work we go.  Home again, home again.  Supper needs to be made, and both girls must prepare for their different directions.  The older one  is filming a school concert; the younger one has swim practice.  So, divide and conquer for myself and the husband.  Meanwhile, I catch a quick article in between activities that Megan Fox has to hire a night nurse; she doesn’t know how “people” hand parenting!  I think by “people,” she means us ordinary folk.  It’s called juggling.  It really miffs me when celebs act as though their lives are SO tough.  Anyway, off my rant.

I successfully made it through my day without using my credit card, so GO me.  Tomorrow at school is wear green day, so while my daughter is at swim practice, I need to run to Wal-Mart.  Oh, I have the perfect green Grinch t-shirt, but my 8-year-old thinks it would look much cuter on her!  So, I will sacrifice for her and attempt to find something else for myself.

Welcome to the world of a real and normal mom, one who cannot afford to hire a nurse, nanny, dietician, or any other form of outside help.  We are superwomen!


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