Still No Plastic

When I say still no plastic, I am referring to my journey to remain credit-card free.  I won’t have the other type either; obviously I don’t have the money!  I know–lame joke.  But, anyway, I have been very proud of myself for avoiding my favorite online sites and busying myself with Linkedin and Twitter.  I also found that using Pinterest to just put shoes and dresses that I love on a board has been helpful for me.  I love the web site ModCloth, so I pinned a bunch of their shoes and dresses to my fashion board on Pinterest.

I have decided to implement a goal and reward system for myself to stay in check.  When I pay off a credit card, then I may by myself one outfit and one pair of new shoes.  I do have some lower-balanced credit cards such as my children’s Old Navy and Justice bills.  So, some of those goals will be easily attainable.  Others will take me a while longer–QUITE A BIT LONGER!  Nonetheless, I think I am finally on the right track mentally and financially.  It’s not easy changing habits to which one has been accustomed.  But, we learn to adapt and change to meet our goals.  I have found new interests to keep me busy, and staying busy has been key for me.  So, hopefully, I will be able to continue to resist temptation and keep sending in the credit card payments.  Right now they seem to drain my account, but I know that if I stop using the cards, eventually it will seem like I am actually getting somewhere.

Thanks for following my journey.  DEIDEI


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