PINTEREST–Wish I Had Time and Money for…EVERYTHING

Pinterest is one of my absolute favorite sites.  My only gripe is the fact that I pin like crazy and then never have any time to try any of the recipes, crafts, or ideas that I pin.  Additionally, I don’t have the money for any of the ideas either, especially the fashion, shoes, and home redecorating ideas.

It would be great if I had an overabundance of time and a wealth of money so that I could actually benefit from Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong; I love sitting and pinning all sorts of cool ideas.  I just then regret the fact that I know I will probably never get to any of the items.

I did try one Pinterest idea, but for some reason, it is not working for me.  I am going to try to correct it.  I bought a black, magnetic, square-shaped white board at Michael’s.  It was in the sale bin for $1.00.  I purchased the board before I found this super cool idea on Pinterest.  Anyway, the idea was to take the make-up you use every day, put a magnet on the back of it, and create a magnetic make-up display that puts your go-to make-up right at your finger tips every morning.  I created the board and loved it for about three mornings.  But then, my make-up started to fall off the board.  Either the magnetic piece came unattached from my make-up, or the odd shape of the tube would not allow the piece to remain attached.  I am not, though, giving up just yet. My make-up has always given me organizational troubles in my bathroom and has always cluttered my bathroom sink.  So, I bought slimmer magnetic strips to try this idea one more time.  It really is effective when it works.

One more Pinterest idea that I saw but did not try on my own:  A two-litter soda bottle filled with green paper shavings and gifts.  I entered another teacher’s room one morning, and she had this interesting gift under her tree.  It was a clear, plastic 2-liter soda bottle.  Inside, the bottle was filled with many strands of crinkled green paper; it looked like a tree.  The bottle also reminded me of one of those look-and-find rice-filled toys.  Anyway, inside the bottle, intertwined with the green strips, were Expo markers, regular markers, Sharpie markers, and various flavors of Chapstick.  This particular teacher is known for her constant Chapstick use.  You never see her without a tube in her hand.  It was a very unique idea.  When I saw the young man who brought the gift, he said his mom found the idea on Pinterest.

Pinterest is definitely my new way for creating gift ideas.  Next year I want to make a little something for all of my colleagues, so I will certainly keep my eye out.  If I find something good, I amy have to begin collecting items over the summer so that I am ready when the season rolls around again.


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