A Little Disappointed with Weight Watchers

I have been a Weight Watcher’s Member for about 10 years.  I joined the program after the birth of my first daughter, again after my second daughter, and just last year after putting on more weight than I had liked.  Losing weight is hard work, and each time, I achieved LIFETIME status; however, I did not reach that goal without a great deal of sacrifice and hard work.  So, here is my beef with Weight Watchers:  They hire big name celebrities to promote the program, and let’s face it; they are NOT real people.

Before I discovered that Jessica Simpson was pregnant again, I contacted the company and told them I did not agree with the advertising and campaigning.  Now, after finding out they paid Jessica Simpson $3 million dollars to lose weight and then instantly become pregnant, I am really down on the program.  Who is paying for these big name endorsements?  We are–the normal, REAL people of America.

Don’t get me wrong; I love both Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson.  Jennifer looks amazing, and Jessica did lose her weight.  However, for a long period of time, Jessica appeared in commercials and ads from the neck up.  REALLY?  Let us see her struggle; that would make her seem more realistic to those of us who also struggle and have struggled to lose weight.  I also read in an article that Jessica was living on shakes and smoothies.  That’s not the Weight Watcher’s program!

So, I am losing some faith in a program that I have followed for a LONG time.  Why not spend those dollars to focus on the stories and lives of real people?  Again, I adore Jennifer Hudson, but with her millions, I am sure she has her own private gym in her own home, her own personal trainer, and probably her own personal chef.  For real people, who juggle a dozen activities a day, those things just are not realistic.  Plus, if you use your points correctly and exercise a few times a week, the program is supposed to work for you.  So, are these celebrity promoters really using the program the way it is intended?

When I was contacted by the New York Office in regards to my concerns about Jessica, I felt as though they danced around my issues.  I was told that Jessica was losing weight safely and slowly.  Fine; show us with pictures.  Who cares how long it takes her?  I have attended enough meetings to know that it takes some real people a long time to shed even 10 pounds.  I am having a difficult time believing in a program that no longer seems real to me.


2 thoughts on “A Little Disappointed with Weight Watchers

  1. To be honest, I just ignore the celebrity stuff and, yes, the $$$ are a lot but they’d be using it on another kind of advertising campaign, if not celebrities. There’s a lot of competition in the diet industry, and they are a profit business. I focus on me, myself, and I with regard to WW. Don’t know if that’s any help.

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