GEOCACHING: If You have Not Yet… CHECK IT OUT!!!

A few years ago, my husband discovered an app called Geocaching.  It is an app that provides locations to hidden “caches” all over the world.  We started small and looked for hidden caches when we would travel.  Our girls were about 5 and 3 when our geocaching began.  We found a few of the easier caches, and the girls were thrilled.  When you find a cache, you sign the log inside and then register the find online.  Some caches contain prizes and small gifts.  If you take an object to trade, you may pull an item from the cache and leave one in its place.  We usually choose the caches labeled 1 or 2; some can be very difficult to locate.  We even struggle sometimes with the easier ones.

My 10-year-old has become very passionate about geocaching, and her interest has grown very strong.  Almost every day she is on YouTube watching new videos pertaining to the hobby.  Some people keep it real simple; others make it very creative or extremely complex.  Yesterday she was watching a YouTube video about a cache that required scuba gear!  Needless to say, I told her that will not be one for us.

To learn more about this unique hobby, check out, or visit YouTube.

This year for Christmas, our daughter asked for a Geocaching kit.  Because she is so passionate about the hobby, we invested in the kit.  She has been so excited.  To make her hides unique, she decided to choose specific items to hide with her trackable geocaching bugs.  She is hoping that each item reaches its point of destination/home.  I am going to list her creative ideas below:

1.  She bought a fake Wii remote at the Dollar Tree.  She is hoping this item reaches Seattle, where she has informed me a Nintendo Company exists.

2.  She has a mini Louisville Slugger bat which she is hoping eventually reaches Louisville, Kentucky.

3.  She has a chip key chain that she would like to reach Las Vegas.

4.  She has beads she is intending for New Orleans.

5.  A lei is intended for Hawaii.

Her goal is to create an object and purchase a trackable geocaching bug for each state in the U.S.  I must say I am very proud of her clever ideas.  She is TEN!  I amazed by her enthusiasm and excitement for this hobby.  It is such a fun activity for the family, and it can be done relatively inexpensively.  I am hoping she is successful in her geocache travels.

If you looking for family fun, you can do this on the weekend or during a vacation.  Check it out; it is at least worth a look.


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