Still on the Credit-Card-Free Path But Worried About Tomorrow!

Some people live for Black Friday and the thrill of sale finding.  I, on the other hand, live for the day after Christmas shopping.  I buy all of my Christmas supplies, such as wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tags, bags, etc.  At 50% off, it can’t be beat.  Some stores even go 75% off.

I also use this day to stock up on the prepackaged gifts such as perfume sets, coffee/tea sets, etc.  I take the sets apart and begin to organize my gift giving for next year.  So, in my opinion, the day after Christmas is a better shopping day.  My fear this year, however, is my budget.

Yes, for the first time in a long time, I am saying the word budget.  I don’t like it, but in order to get my debt under control, the word has become a part of my vocabulary.  So, yes, I still plan to arise early tomorrow morning and head out for some after Christmas specials.  But this time, I have a limit.  In the past, I would just fill my cart no matter the cost, for I just put everything on a credit card.  This year is different; I am planning to use cash, only as much as I can afford.

So, I am hoping for the best; I will keep everyone posted.  Happy Holidays.




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