Christmas Is Still Fresh In Our Minds, But, Already The Fighting Has Begun

One would think that two children who just celebrated a very Merry Christmas would be grateful; however, mine are not.  And, the kicker of all of this is:  My two girls are fighting over $1 cat calendars from the Dollar Tree.

Here’s what happened.  My mom has a tendency to overspend at Christmas.  She will buy and buy and buy.  Most of her purchases have no thought behind them; she simply buys to give the grandchildren volume.  While wrapping her enormous amount of gifts, she made a few mistakes.  The cat calendars in question just happen to be one of those mistakes.

Now, let me explain something:  my youngest daughter received an Apple lap top for Christmas; my oldest was able to take a friend for an over night trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.  When they opened their gifts, my mom mistakenly wrapped both calendars for my youngest daughter.  Well, as you can probably guess, both girls want the SAME calendar.  Of course the youngest feels she should have the choice since both were wrapped in HER name.  So there have been shouts and tears over $1 cat calendars.  I am sitting here in disbelief.  We had such a great day up until this moment.

I guess as parents, when you try to give your children the best that you possibly can, you expect some sort of gratitude.  I want my girls to be grateful, and often, they are.  They use “Please” and “Thank You,” and are generally very kind and giving.  However, it is moments like these that make me want to rip out my hair, piece by piece!  And, the grandmother involved is really no help.  I sent her iphone pics of both calendars and asked if she remembered for which girl each calendar was purchased.  I guess I probably should have just put the calendars away; I knew in the end one would still be upset.

I received the answer from my mom, and as I guessed, one child was pleased; the other was in tears.  My mother instructed my daughter to give her sister the appropriate calendar.  I instructed her to give both calendars to me.  So, at the moment, I now have two 2013 cat calendars.  You think my mother would learn a lesson.  I know it may sound ridiculous, but when it comes to an item like this, I ALWAYS buy two of the same.  Both girls love cats, and because she wrapped them both for my youngest, she, my youngest,  felt she had the right to decide, as I mentioned.  Then, my mother calls our home, talks to one of my children, the youngest,  and makes a call about the gifts.  Don’t get me wrong; grandparents are a very special part of every child’s life.  However, at times, they can over step their bounds.  My mom’s solution is to go to the Dollar Tree tomorrow and simply buy another calendar so both girls are happy.  Not exactly my answer, but she will do as she wishes.  I am still holding the calendars until I feel they can show some appreciation.

So, as I said, neither is going to have a calendar until attitudes change and some gratitude is expressed.  I hate to sound so negatively about my girls, because like I said, in most cases, they are very well-behaved and grateful children.  I guess my frustration stems from the fact that each girl just received many wonderful holidays gifts as we celebrated the birth of Christ.  And when it comes down to it, they fight over a $1 calendar.  It is just unreal to me.  Maybe I just don’t get it because I had a brother.  He and I rarely shared interests in anything.  I just wonder if gratefulness can be taught once it is lost due to expectations.  I sure hope so!


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