I Sometimes Find Myself Watching/Listening to Disney Channel, Even When My Kids Are Nowhere In Sight

It’s funny how addicted I too have become to the shows and music featured on the Disney Channel.  Just now, I was cleaning up Christmas items, trying to organize, and carrying new gifts to and fro their new homes.  Finally, I looked up at the screen to see Chyna Anne McClain singing and dancing in a music video.  When I realized that neither girl were around, I changed to my music channel, 816–Today’s Hits–on the satellite.  

Right now, my favorite Disney Channel show is Good Luck, Charlie.  My husband and I really relate to the parent characters Amy and Bob.  We chuckle just as much as the girls.  When Wizards of Waverly Place still featured new episodes, I would be just as excited as the girls, if not more, for the new episode debuts.  Another one of my favorites is Shake It Up; that one combines great music and dance moves all in one show.  It is amazing how your interests tend to mold around those of your children.  Right now, I am really into Bridget Mendler’s songs.  My husband and I took our daughters to two of Selena Gomez’s concerts; I think he and I knew more of her songs than did our girls.

I’m not as big on some of the other shows, but despite that, I still really enjoy the music.  For example, I am not a huge Austin and Ally fan, nor do I truly love A.N.T. Farm.  However, I do love the music.  When I look at how much my life has changed since becoming a parent, it is amazing.  I don’t think any of my husband’s college friends ever would have imagined him mouthing the words to Selena Gomez songs at her concert.  Parenting is a great trip, and becoming involved in their interests builds stronger connections and relationships.

I think one of our saddest TV moments was the ending of iCarly.  The girls grew up loving Miranda Cosgrove as the devious little sister on Drake and Josh.  We never missed an episode of Drake and Josh or iCarly.  The girls found it funny how Miranda reversed roles in the two shows.  In iCarly, Sam took on the devious and mean role, while Carly was the nice and kind girl.

I just hope that as the girls grow they continue to allow us to be part of their interests.  At moments, I can see the older child stare at us as though we are crazy when we belt out Katy Perry songs or other popular tunes.  I’m going to continue to follow their interests; it doesn’t hurt to be involved, even if they try to push us away.


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