It’s Funny How Different Doctors’ Philosophies Can Be

My 8-year-old suffered a neck injury back in October, at least we think it was October.  During a soccer tournament, her face met the ground with great force a few times.  About three weeks later, she developed this habit of constantly — and when I say constantly, I mean all the time–  twisting and stretching her neck.  At first, my husband and I thought it was just some sort of habit or tic, but as time went on, the pain and neck movement grew worse.  Our little girl was crying every night because of the pain, and there was nothing we could do to make her feel better.  My husband and I were and still are at our wit’s end.

FInally, we consulted our chiropractor, and he began working with her.  He said there is and was definitely tightness in her upper neck area; however, he really did not feel there was a need for any further steps such as X-rays or a visit to the doctor or hospital.  So, we continued with the adjustments, but her pain just was not subsiding.  She would only feel better after the adjustment.  That quickly wore off, and were back to square one.  He put her on an icing regiment, but not even the ice helped.

In desperation, I begged my husband to please call the family doctor for a second opinion.  I love both our chiropractor and our family doctor, but apparently, the two fields do not see eye-to-eye.  The family doctor ordered a neck X-ray for our daughter and prescribed two weeks of children’s ibuprofen.  He suggested heat rather than ice.  So, we took her for the X-ray, bought the medicine, and began heating.  The X-ray came back clear, but she is doing no better than she was before.  The doctor also told us there was no longer a need for the chiropractic care.

Well, after about two more weeks of pain, I said to my husband, “When you take her to the chiropractor today, we need to develop a plan.  What is our next step?  I am tired of seeing our little girl suffer.  Nothing is working.”  The chiropractor suggested perhaps some of her actions could be attention-driven or a result of technology, bending over to use her ipod or computer.  However, the past few nights, since we have been on vacation from school, our daughter has crawled into bed with us.  Throughout the night, I could feel her body spasm, so I know something more is going on.  Like I said, I love both doctors, but I NEED an answer for my child.

So, I called the family doctor again, and we go in to see him on Monday.  Recently, my father spotted an article in a local newspaper about a syndrome called WRY NECK, technically termed torticollis.  After reading the article, it did seem as though our daughter exhibited some of the symptoms, so I did some more online research.  I printed articles for my husband to take to the chiropractor, who said he did hear of it and would look into it more.  However, he still does not believe that is what is bothering our daughter.

It is so frustrating to watch your child suffer, knowing there is absolutely nothing you yourself can do.  I am hoping the doctor may recommend a specialist or provide something that can bring our daughter relief.  It has been a struggle for all of us, and others notice it as well.  Mothers have asked me,  “What is going on with your daughter’s neck?”  The children where I work and my daughter goes to school ask me about it all the time as well.  I just want her better and pain free.  If anyone reading this has any knowledge or has had a similar experience with a child, please reach out to me.  I am looking for answers, but have yet to find them.  Thanks.



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