When Will I Ever Learn? Hopefully NOW!

I just finished going through my youngest daughter’s closet with her–what a tiring task!  Each time I do this with her, I experience a range of mixed emotions.  I am glad we are cleaning out her closet so we can find things easier, but then I become angry when I realize just how little if at all she wore some of the pieces. She does this all the time.  Something is a “must have” at the store, and Mom never says, “No.”  It is amazing how quickly the “must haves” go and the junk shirts we make over the summer with various craft kits stay!  I become very frustrated and start to realize, “No wonder I am in such debt!”

Shoes are the same for her.  They fit great at the store, according to her.  Then, after a wear or two, they are too tight, or they hurt her feet.  I told her today that in the new year we are going to be more selective with what we buy.  I told her it is a shame how some of her clothing and shoes still have tags on them.  Up to this point, I have not been teaching her very valuable lessons, but with my new credit-card-free attitude, that is all about to change.  I even had a discussion with my 8-year-old yesterday about the pitfalls of too much credit card debt.  I really do not want either of my girls to fall into a mess like mine.

My oldest is a bit better.  She is my Plain Jane, whereas my youngest likes to call herself a Diva.  Now, I have a ton of shoes, but my feet never change.  I think my youngest wants to be like Mom, but when your feet are constantly growing, that is just not practical. So, after going through her closet ALL morning, she and I discussed that our next clothing trip will 1.  be budgeted, will 2.  be only for essential items, and will  3.   only involve items that truly fit and are comfortable.  In addition, we will limit the amount of shoes each girl may buy and the pairs of shorts, capris, etc. that may be purchased.  As I mentioned in a previous post, budget has never been in our family vocabulary.  And, my husband and I both know that is one of our biggest problems.

In the past, we just allowed the girls to go through a store and choose whatever they wanted.  I pretty much have a credit card for all of the clothing stores they like, so we just put everything on the card.  We both agree that we will no longer do that.  It is never too late to try to teach valuable lessons, to either our children or ourselves!


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