I don’t quite know what it is about these books, but I become addicted.  I hadn’t read a book all break, so I figured I would choose one from my stack that would be a quick read.  I decided on Sylvia Day’s Bared to You.  Needless to say, I started it last night, stayed up until 2:00 a.m. reading, and finished it in between cookie sheets this afternoon.  Although I felt as if I were reading a watered down, less mild version of 50 Shades, I was hooked, regardless.

I consider myself to be a strong woman, and I definitely viewed Eva as being stronger than Ana.  So, I am not quite so sure why I am drawn into these messed up, possessive male novels.  Maybe it is the twisted romance that lies somewhere in the novel.  Maybe it is the hot man with tons of money who changes somehow for the woman he loves.  Who knows why I become so obsessed, but at any rate, I read through the book very quickly.

What I did not know is that there are more of these books!  So, of course I now need to go and buy the next installment.  I guess we all need a little fantasy in our lives, even if it is a bit messed up!  When I was reading the 50 Shades trilogy, my husband joked that perhaps he too would read the books.  He figured he could come up with some ideas.  I set him straight very quickly.  I told him he could experience what was in those books if he became a billionaire, chiseled his body to look like Christian’s, and learned a great deal about fashion!  That changed his mind quickly.  Maybe that’s what draws me into these reads:  the men just seem to know their women so well.  Granted, I realize they are stalkers, in a sense, but they buy everything from gorgeous gowns, to heels, to lingerie, to make-up!  I don’t think I could trust my husband with any of those.

So, until the second installment makes its way into my hands, I will now have to decide on my next read.  The problem with me is, if I really become involved with a book, I literally do NOTHING else.  That is a problem for a mother and wife.  I do have a stack of books; in fact, most of them are the second or third books to trilogies, such as Reached, Shadow of Night,  and Pandemonium

I really wish the last book to the Divergent trilogy would appear.  That is the book I am really longing to read!


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