My Daughters and I Discovered 2 New Apps–Can you Say Addiction?

We went to a New Year’s Eve party last night and were introduced to 2 new apps.  Now, my kids and I are hooked, no addicted.  The first one is Viggle, and the second one is Nexercise, both free apps.  All you need to do for Viggle is watch TV and answer trivia questions.  Nexercise, you receive points for merely tracking your exercise.

Let me say this:  My kids have not stopped exercising since they woke up this morning!  My 8-year-old told me, “You better stay on the treadmill today for 2 hours!”  Geez, she will have me fit in no time for points and free prizes.

Viggle allows you to earn points for logging in to shows that are on TV.  You simply hold your phone or ipod, or any device up to the television.  The program recognizes the show, and gives you points for watching.  With some shows, you can also answer trivia questions as you watch.  In addition, you can earn points for watching commercials and completing other simple tasks.  One of my friends at the party said she used the app to earn free Christmas gifts for her children.  If you have not already checked into this, I definitely recommend it. It’s not as though we wasted any time last night; actually, we used it as a game and conversation piece.

The Nexercise app is great, especially if your New Year’s resolutions include exercising and getting fit.  You merely exercise and track your activity.  Once you earn enough points, you can start redeeming them for prizes, free prizes.  You cannot beat that offer.  

So, although we are addicted, it is for a good cause!  On Viggle, you can also use your points to donate money to charities.  It is amazing what is available to us today.  I need to do some more searching.  I know we will definitely be making use of these apps throughout the year.



2 thoughts on “My Daughters and I Discovered 2 New Apps–Can you Say Addiction?

  1. Road to Active says:

    Nexercise is an awesome app! I’ve been using it on the iPhone since they released – probably over one year ago. Enjoy!

    I thought it was funny that one app has you sitting on the couch and the other has you exercising…

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