AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: If You Have a Business, Give This Site A Look!

AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: If You Own A Business, This Company Deserves A Look

In today’s technological world, I have become increasingly interested in the writing of code and the creation of software. I do not technically understand either, but I have several friends who operate their own businesses. As an English major, I have the research skills necessary for helping my friends. As a teacher, I have a bit of free time right now to assist with some research. A few of my friends with businesses discussed tasking me with researching companies that write code and create software. As I conducted my searches, the one company that stood out for me was:

ITCRAFT—Agile Software Development, located at:

A tech presence is critical in today’s world of business, and the analytical feedback provided by many types of software is highly beneficial for businesses; however, like my business-owning friends, other company heads do not have the time or knowledge to maintain a web presence or learn how to write the code necessary for creating needed software. That’s the main reason my friends asked me to conduct some research for them.

I myself was unfamiliar with many of the terms I encountered during my search; however, visiting not only helped me to become more knowledgeable but also aided me in explaining newly learned terminology to my business-owner friends. Basically, Agile Project Management offers businesses various options, choices that differ from the usual methods of managing projects. The software used by this company helps businesses to prepare for and adequately respond to unpredictability in the market where their businesses function. That is a key component to understanding a company’s success or area for growth.

A term I first came across when studying the Agile Development Methodology was “scrum.” Married to a former rugby player, that’s the only reference I had to scrum prior to agreeing to check out multiple sites for my friends’ businesses. However, I discovered that the scrum approach, unlike traditional approaches, helps business to acquire feedback in an empirical manner as well as enforces team self management and working to create properly tested products in a strict and timely fashion. Visiting the company’s site is highly beneficial; one will find numerous training videos that sufficiently demonstrate the project management methodology of ITCRAFT and Agile Software. If I found myself intrigued by all of their informational tutorials, then certainly businesses will think they’ve hit the lottery.

The company has discovered that traditional approaches to project management lack in the area of communication, especially the communication necessary between each specialized group that is involved in completing separate phases of the project. It’s like putting a puzzle together with a friend. You can both agree to complete different sections, but at some point, you must come together to collaborate and make all of the pieces fit together in the correct way. Using traditional methodologies to create and build software can, in the end, cost businesses time and money. Agile Software was developed in such a way that a company’s vision or big picture can be realized before the software is in the completion phase. Thus, the software is created around the company’s vision in order to avoid wasted time and resources.

Agile works in increments, evaluating a project bi-weekly in some cases to ensure precise progress and success. The team revisits every aspect of a business project, meaning that if one part or certain parts of the project are not functioning properly or are not headed in the most prosperous direction, there is time and opportunity for change. Traditional approaches do not permit such flexibility.

Agile’s approach to software development greatly reduces the cost of development as well as cuts down on the time needed for a company’s product to hit the market. With Agile Software, companies are able to see and monitor end results and successes, not stare at brilliant ideas resting on shelves, never brought to fruition. Working with this company, according to my research, means that your business will be in the hands of a company that is people-centered and concerned with customer satisfaction. The company always begins with the client idea and then builds from there. Reading some of the feedback on the site, I noticed very positive and complimentary remarks. Like anything else, everyone must decide for him or herself what is best. I do believe visiting the site may be convincing.

I know I am a novice when it comes to code writing and software development, but I am so glad my friends convinced me to complete this assignment for them. I have learned a great deal, and the company’s website is loaded with informational, tutorials, and knowledge. I am going to continue visiting this site and building my knowledge, even if I don’t own a business or company. Maybe after navigating this site thoroughly, I will!


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