I participate in free offerings given through a site known as BZZ Agent–<img src=”; alt=””/>

Recently, I have had the opportunity to try one free Bon Appétit pizza using  a coupon provided to me through Buzz Agent.  Before trying this pizza brand, I would buy the store brand pizzas or the sale priced pizzas.  However, I will no longer be doing such for my family.

My husband is a grill master, so this summer, using my free coupon, we tried the Bon Appétit pizzas prepared via our grill.  The taste was sensational.  And, although I have two very picky daughters when it comes to eating, they tried and enjoyed all flavors.  Not only did Buzz Agent provide me with a free coupon for the pizzas, they also sent me coupons for myself and to share with others  ($1.00 off product).  We experienced all flavors, and my girls actually tried new pizza experiences without complaining!  That is truly a milestone in our home.  My personal favorite is the spinach pesto pizza; I love veggies and pizza combined.  My girls–like I mentioned–tried and enjoyed all varieties–however, when it came down to choosing a favorite, they reverted back to their go-to pepperoni.  That’s okay, though.  At least they tried the other types and said they would eat them again.  I’d include my husband in the review, but he pretty much eats and likes everything!  So, as you can guess, he too was pleased.  If you have the opportunity, purchase a Bon Appétit pizza product on your next grocery outing.  If you enjoy testing products and sharing feedback, you may want to consider joining Buzz Agent.  I loved the pizzas, and I cannot get enough of the program!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.



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