My husband, daughters, and I have become Netflix addicts this summer.  However, even before my husband and I began our journey with the show Revenge, we pondered this question:  Why don’t networks allow some shows to just run for one season?  Our thought started back with the show The Slap.  Actually, I guess you could say our beef began with the two cancelled shows that we started but never were able to finish:  Skin (I think that was the title) and Reunion.  Skin was a Romeo-Juliet themed show, and Reunion was about a murdered friend.  Anyway, I digress slightly.  Back to my point:  Some shows would be great if they just lasted for one season.  Is there anything so wrong with that?  I suppose it’s an issue of money perhaps.  However, as a viewer, I believe quality is better than quantity.

I will begin with the show The Slap.  In the beginning, my husband and I were intrigued by the concept but not quite sure we bought in to a show about one single incident.  We did, however, overcome our doubts and ended up enjoying the show–well, I never did quite get over my annoyance pertaining to the narrator’s voice, but that’s beside the point.  No offense to the narrator; I just did not think his voice fit the part.  So, as we watched the show, we became even more involved, loving every twist and turn that was well executed.  We were not overly thrilled with the babysitter affair, but hey, as Hollywood proves, that’s life!  At the end of the show, my husband and I both agreed that it was indeed a terrific program; however, we would be just fine if it ended after one season.

What more could the writers possibly create about one slap?  Trust me, as a mother, I would be just as angry as Rosy; however, I just do not see how the show could continue and still be as fascinating as it was the first season.  To be honest, I do not even know the show’s fate, but I do know that I wish some programs could be written for just one season.  As I said, my husband and I are engrossed in Revenge right now.  The writing is amazing; I love the plot twists.  I especially enjoy Emily VanCamp’s ability to be sugary sweet on the outside yet so cleverly conniving and ruthless underneath it all.  She is truly an amazing actress, and the writers are brilliant.  But, again, we looked at the episode list and noticed 20 plus episode titles, just for season 1.  Now, even though we are still hanging on to the edge of our seats until the next episode, we are starting to wonder how this show can pull out three more seasons that will be equally as exciting as the first.  Without giving too much away in case some readers have this show on their Netflix, Roku, etc. list of to-watch shows, we are beginning to say to one another,”I think this show could have ended successfully shortly after the “Fire and Ice” episode.  Quick side note–I just adore Nolan’s character; something about him cracks me up yet cause me to feel sympathy for him at the same time!

Even though we feel this way, that the show could be wrapped up and we would be satisfied, we still plan to watch every episode of every season.  But, we are wondering if this show will turn into a 24 for us.  Keifer is fabulous, and his show entertained us greatly.  But, after a LONG while, we watched just because we started and wanted to see the show through to the end.  So, back to the essential question:  Would it be so awful if writers merely planned some shows to last for just one season?

As stated in the beginning of the article, just as we wish some shows would finish after one season, we also wish some shows would be forced to at least finish one season.  Allow me to explain.  One of our biggest viewing pet peeves is when we start watching a show, and it is cancelled after just a few episodes or halfway through the season.  One ironic part of this concept:  Red Band Society was another one of those shows that ended way before I was ready.  The main doctor in that show, Dave Annable, was in two cancelled shows that really upset me–Red Band Society, obviously, and Reunion.  Could they not at least have revealed the killer and the victim on Reunion?  I think the unknowing is what upset me the most.  Goes with the overused saying, “Inquiring minds wan to know…”    So, while I would love to see some shows written for just one season, I also wish others would at least make it for a season.  I realize some shows are just awful, and I suppose I am biased toward the shows I particularly enjoy.

Anyone else feel the same?  Disagree?  I would love feedback and interaction with others.  Hope you enjoyed my thoughts.



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