Before I begin the actual content of what I wanted to write, I must apologize to myself for failing to maintain one of my goals. My husband is always telling me, ‘Take time for yourself; do something for yourself.” Well, with two very active children, that is far easier said than done. With a husband–who is wonderful–but who does take time for himself, again–easier said than done. If we both take time for ourselves, who drives our girls to everything in which they are involved?  I struggle quite a bit with taking “me” time. I suffer from anxiety, and I worry all the time. However, in an attempt to help myself, I promised myself I would write at least once a day and post my writing here. I have not been very successful. However, thank you, Twitter, for the inspiration. I just caught the picture below, which sparked an idea in my mind.



From June 18-June 22, 2017, my husband and I took our two daughters to Canada. We spent time in Niagra Falls, Canada, as well as in Toronto, Canada. I am a very inquisitive person, almost to the point of driving my husband and my family insane. So, when I discovered the image above on Twitter, it inspired me to write about our trip and my never-ending ability to question and wonder. See, when I go on family vacations, sure they are fun and exciting, but, I also love to learn. My curiosity gets the best of me, and I have no clue what I would do without Google! I had no idea just how much influence England, especially Queen Elizabeth II, had on Canada. Of course my inquiring mind had to look up everything that I did not know. I learned so much about Canada’s history and even a great deal about England and the role of the royal family.

I never want to stop learning. I love to read and research. I  have often said the perfect job for me would be to have someone pay me to read or research. As an English major in college, I never minded writing research papers. In fact–and this is a fact that annoyed most of my friends and classmates–I rather enjoyed researching and writing essays and papers about my findings. I think my husband too is glad Google exists. Well, yes and no. He’s happy that I have somewhere to go for my non-stop questioning, but he’s not always so thrilled when I read all of my new found facts aloud to him. I just am so excited about new discoveries. I had visited Niagra Falls on the United States side when I was in college, but crossing the border was a whole new experience for me.

Last summer we received our passports in order to travel to Mexico. Our younger daughter now wants to collect stamps in her passport; however, we need to remind her that doing so is not cheap! Thus, a trip to Canada worked out well since it is about a 7-hour trip that could be made in our car. I recommend Canada to anyone. The falls are absolutely amazing, and the sights are astounding. We just happened to be visiting right before Canada’s 150 year celebration. So, everyone and everything in the country was in full swing. Visiting Toronto was also quite the experience. My girls loved the show Flashpoint, so seeing and especially entering the CN Tower just made their day. In addition, right beside the CN Tower is the new Ripley’s Aquarium and the Toronto Blue Jays Stadium. We did not enter the baseball stadium, but the aquarium was phenomenal! I am not a huge fan of sharks; in fact, growing up in the age of Jaws has pretty much scarred me for life. But, since my husband felt he was too large and my oldest daughter too scared, I crawled through the shark tunnel with my younger daughter. It was quite the experience having actual sharks swimming above and by you. I was scared, but thankfully, the tunnel was not very long.

The girls also had the opportunity to touch sand sharks and other sea creatures. The jellyfish displays were out of this world. Being an avid shoe lover and buyer, I could not leave Toronto without stopping by the Bata Shoe Museum. And, one of my favorite stops on the trip….Casa Loma. Wow–what an amazing venture the castle proved to be. Plus, I learned that many movies filmed various scenes within the castle. Of course, I did use Google to discover the ins and outs of how Sir Henry Pellatt came to have the money needed for building such an amazing structure. That search led to many others concerning the castle and its surroundings, but the knowledge was well worth it. Speaking of movies, we took the girls to TIFF, the building used or The Toronto Film Festival. Now, when I receive my People Magazine following the festival, I am hoping to recognize some of the streets and scenery when I see pictures of the stars arriving at various locations.

Before I end, I want to thank Twitter again for supplying the inspiration and motivation I needed for returning to one of the goals I set for myself. I will forever be curious; thus, I will forever drive my husband insane. But, that is okay. I am trying to teach my girls that they should be lifelong learners always thirsty for knowledge. As an educator, I believe this is a perfect motto for me. Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions about Canada–at least the parts I visited–I would be happy to share. Simply reach out to me. There are so many more experiences that I did not write about, for I could be writing for hours. However, I would be happy to answer questions. Curious minds like mine love other curious minds!




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