It's a frightening world in which we live, a world that I will not 
even pretend to understand. For example, I will never comprehend how the taking of innocent lives by one individual or more makes the person or 
people involved heroes according to a religion or any other group
affiliation. I will never comprehend how any human being can be hard-
hearted enough to say that a two-year-old's life is not that big of a 
deal, especially since his father is "wealthy" and "privileged." I will
never know why children are so cruel to one another, so cruel that many 
teens take their own lives as a result. So many happenings in today's
world are unexplainable through my eyes.  The only words I have form the
question, "How can it be?"
     Here's what I do know:
*I am a mother to two precious children.
*The lives of my kids mean EVERYTHING to me.
*I would give anything for the happiness of my children, and by this I
do not mean resort to violence or spread any of the uncertainty to which I have alluded above.
*I would make great personal sacrifices to know that my children 
could freely travel and experience the world without fear.
*I pray that God--and that means whichever God one wants to worship if he
or she even chooses to do so--that God will keep my children safe, even
if they choose to venture beyond their own comfort zones.
     All I as a parent can do is educate my children about the different
beliefs that exist in this world. I am not a miracle worker; therefore, I cannot change the minds of others.  I can only hope that God follows my children wherever they choose to journey. I can only hope that my 
children WILL accept the differences of others and respect those 
differences. I never imagined that in the year 2016 so much human 
intolerance would be present in our lives and in our world.
     When I was pregnant with my first child, the Twin Towers were 
attacked in New York City, attacked, destroyed, decimated.  I cried and 
cried, wondering why I was bringing an innocent child into such an 
unstable world. At the time, I had no clue that the Twin Towers were 
only the beginning of what we as humans would endure at the hands of one
another.  Now, as my children grow older, I realize that they MUST live
their lives, despite the growing fears that face us not only as a society but as a world.
     It is still my belief that no one else has any right to steal the 
joy and happiness of others, no matter what their opinions and beliefs 
may be. We live in America; thus, we are free to live our own lives and 
make our own choices. But, under no circumstances should any one of those
choices involve stealing innocent lives untimely. I cannot even fathom
where the notion originated that such a practice is acceptable. Life is
short and precious. We all should be entitled to live our lives and be
as happy as we choose to be, regardless of our religions or beliefs. I 
will say it again: No human has any right to steal joy, happiness, or 
breath from any other human being. I can only hope as a mother who
loves her children more than anything in this world that they will never
be harmed by the hatred that is rapidly breeding and spreading in our own country and in the world. I will be praying each and every day for not
only the safety of my own children but for the safety of every human life in the world. My greatest desire is to see my children happy and safe, 
for they are the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon me, and what God 
has created and shared with me and others, no one else should feel he or she has the right to steal or destroy.

God Bless our world and everyone in it.

~A mother's hopes and prayers for a broken world